Spiegel Estate Planning was born from my love of family. As an attorney and a mother, I have an acute understanding of how to best protect and plan for each client's family, health, and assets.   I earnestly believe that every person needs and deserves an estate plan, whether they are a high net worth individual or someone with modest assets. Parents, couples, and single persons all need estate plans to correctly distribute assets, specify guardianship of minor children, and plan for times of incapacity or disability.

It's really simple for me: I love educating my clients, understanding the nuances of each specific individual, and crafting a personalized plan to prepare my clients for some of their most important life decisions. Armed with a legal degree from the UCLA School of Law and over 8 years of legal experience, my goal is to ensure that each client's estate plan contemplates both the legal reality and spirit of their wishes. 

I specialize in developing a complete and comprehensive estate plan for every client that at a minimum includes a will, trust, powers of attorney, an advance health care directive and related documents. In working together, I make a commitment to eagerly represent my clients’ wishes with integrity, competency, and sensitivity to create a personalized estate plan. I provide an array of comprehensive estate planning solutions to help best protect my clients’ legacies and families, and distribute their most valuable assets.